Literally who even are you?

I go by Chloe!

Okay, but, like, what do you do?

Oh, that. I write fiction, specifically erotica and speculative fiction and sometimes a weird mix of both. This website is a place to show some of that off and be creative in a different way.

If you couldn't already tell, this website will have 🔞 🔞 18+ content 🔞 🔞! Everything will be tagged as needed, but if that's not your thing, go do something else. I'm serious about this, don't let the pretty layout fool you.

If all of this is your jam, feel free to look around! You can check out my storefront here and on You can get more frequent updates on Twitter, but if you don't care about my opinions and just want to know what I'm writing, you can follow me on Archive Of Our Own as well.


Change Log

9/19/2021—Added Spy Candy teaser under NSFW.

9/18/2021—Added This Thing We Keep teaser under NSFW.

9/12/2021—Added Spy Candy zine to the Store.

9/7/2021—Removed image gallery menu. It's kind of pain to maintain. Bear with me until a find a nice way to style links.

9/7/2021—Added This Thing We Keep zine to the Store.