Literally who even are you?

I go by Chloe!

Okay, but, like, what do you do?

Oh, that. I write fiction, specifically erotica and speculative fiction and sometimes a weird mix of both. This website is a place to show some of that off and be creative in a different way.

If you couldn't already tell, this website will have 🔞 🔞 18+ content 🔞 🔞! Everything will be tagged as needed, but if that's not your thing, go do something else. I'm serious about this, don't let the pretty layout fool you.

And, finally, please consider giving me money and attention (attention...attention....).


Change Log

6/21/2021—Added Tiny Steps under NSFW.

6/6/2021—Did some sick shit with these menus.

6/5/2021—Added a page for my games.

6/5/2021—Updated the webring script and CSS. I'm still having some trouble with it, but it do be like that sometimes...

5/19/2021—Updated site CSS. Again. You should know I like aesthetics very much.

5/18/2021—Witches and Stitches, an interactive fiction game, is now available for purchase on!